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Upcoming Events

Developments in Healthcare Imaging - Connecting with Academia

Wednesday 2nd May 2018
Isaac Newton Institute

This one day conference will bring together those academics working on advances in imaging technology with researchers who investigate new image analysis methods, to help address current challenges. New imaging technology goes side by side with the need for mathematical models to maximise the information gain from these novel imaging techniques.

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The Mathematics of Machine Learning - A Research Conference of the Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information

Thursday 24th May 2018
Isaac Newton Institute


The Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information (CCIMI) is pleased to announce its second annual academic conference, which will focus on the academic interactions taking place related to the mathematics of machine learning.

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3rd Edwards Symposium - New Horizons in Soft Matter

Wednesday 5th September 2018 to Friday 7th September 2018
Centre for Mathematical Sciences

This Series is both a tribute to the life and work of Professor Sir Sam Edwards FRS, one of the great scientific minds of the 20th Century, and a recognition of the fast evolving and diverse nature of soft matter science. Sir Sam’s played a pivotal role in bringing advances in the physical sciences to bear on major industrial problems. His fundamental contributions to the field of soft matter ranged from polymer melts, through gels, colloids, granular materials and glasses to optimisation problems.

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Past Events

Algorithms and Software for Quantum Computers

Wednesday 14th March 2018 to Thursday 15th March 2018
Isaac Newton Institute

This workshop aimed to initiate development of quantum computer algorithms and software by bringing together real-world problem owners (for example in drug discovery,telecoms, manufacturing and others), with mathematicians, algorithm experts, and academic quantum computer hardware experts to explain what code developers need to know to create software, without getting bogged down in the underlying physics.

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Big Data and the Role of Statistical Scalability

Wednesday 28th February 2018
Isaac Newton Institute

This workshop was part of the six month programme at the Isaac Newton Institute (INI) on Statistical Scalability. The Programme aimed to help address some of these issues by simultaneous consideration of the methodological, theoretical and computational challenges involved and the development of robust, scalable methods, crucial to unlocking the potential of Big Data.

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It was one of the most interesting and thought provoking events that I've attended in recent years .. and am sure that it will contribute some key challenges to the upcoming Alan Turing Institute. I'll continue to watch the progress the Institute makes as it sets up its market stand

Keith Hermiston | Defence Science and Technology Laboratory Data-Rich Phenomena - Modelling, Analysis and Simulations using Partial Differential equations, December 2015