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I wanted to thank you for making our stay such a great experience. I found this event with the TGM to be inspiring and it made really a difference.

Sara Lombardo | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Environmental Modelling in Industry Study Group, April 2017

The study groups provide an outstanding way for us to engage with the academic community. The key is that the study groups engage a wide range of individuals who actively work on a problem. As a result of this approach we can gain much deeper insights than we could by working alone, or even by holding a workshop. By the end of a study group we have usually made real progress in our understanding. That could mean identifying that a particular solution is a dead end. It could mean that we have an actual working solution. Or it could mean that we have scoped out useful future research, so we can focus our efforts in the areas will it make the most difference.

Adam Baylis | Environment Agency Environmental Modelling in Industry Study Group, April 2017

Thank you for arranging such an excellent and wide-ranging workshop - I certainly found it very useful and have some interesting leads to follow up on.

| GlaxoSmithKline Big Data, Multimodality & Dynamic Models in Biomedical Imaging, March 2016

I found the talks very useful and relevant to work we are doing. I also found the opportunity to talk with counterparts within academia and industry very useful, so overall was very worthwhile.

Nigel Tozer | HR Wallingford Computational and Data Challenges in Environmental Modelling, February 2016

It was one of the most interesting and thought provoking events that I've attended in recent years .. and am sure that it will contribute some key challenges to the upcoming Alan Turing Institute. I'll continue to watch the progress the Institute makes as it sets up its market stand

Keith Hermiston | Defence Science and Technology Laboratory Data-Rich Phenomena - Modelling, Analysis and Simulations using Partial Differential equations, December 2015

I would like to thank you all for putting together a terrific meeting. I was absolutely delighted to be there even for just the second part of the workshop. Furthmore, the first class organisation down to the smallest details greatly contributed in an atmosphere of scientific enthusiasm, across disciplines and industry/academia, that we rarely, if at all, witness in meetings.

| University of Massachusetts Predictive Multiscale Materials Modelling, December 2015

I also thank you and your team, and of course Professor Zabaras, on having organised one of the most stimulating scientific workshops I have attended in years. Every aspect of the meeting was memorable and your choice of speakers outstanding. I feel privileged to have been included in the lot.

| University of Southern California Predictive Multiscale Materials Modelling, December 2015

I found the day extremely useful and forged interesting new connections as a direct result of meeting people at the sessions. I would not have been able to attend had it not been a free event, so I particularly wanted to thank the organisers for opening it up in that way.

Catherine Montgomery | University of Helsinki and University of Amsterdam Design of Experiments in Drug Development - Open for Business Event, July 2015

Congratulations on an excellent meeting. I think it worked very well and should lead to some excellent future collaborations.

| The Role of Inverse Problems and Optimisation in Uncertainty Quantification, June 2015

It was great participating in the Challenges in Dynamic Imaging Data Workshop. Thanks to you and Carola for including me in the programme. Several new contacts were made with people at the meeting.

| Wake Forest University, Wake Forest University Challenges in Dynamic Imaging Data, June 2015