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New Scientist Live is a festival of ideas and discovery, showcasing the biggest, best and most provocative science. From 28 September to 1st October 2017, the TGM shared an exhibition space in partnership with the INI, the Industrial Mathematics Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) and the Operational Research Society.
Under the over-arching theme of “Mathematics in the Real World”, the TGM and fellow exhibitors enjoyed an excellent opportunity for spreading awareness, sharing the opportunities that mathematics can provide for young people, and explaining the joys and challenges inherent within the subject in general.

We held a competition to win a tablet computer, which had nearly 400 entries. 
Siddhant Mohapatra from Middlesex was the lucky winner - having answered 6 maths questions correctly.

Siddhant was delighted to have won the competition and said:

"Maths is a subject I love as it challenges me and I love using different approaches to find solutions to interesting problems.  At New Scientist Live in London, at your stall of Mathematics in the Real World,  I was fascinated by the algorithm solution to fit maximum bags into a confined space. This concept of using maths to devise algorithms and, as I saw in some other stalls, about machine learning using algorithms, has keenly needled my interest in this area. At another stall, I also learnt that a lot of models of the universe need deep mathematics. Maths can do so much.
I think the New Scientist Live is a really fantastic and informative forum, exposing us to so many new ideas and possibilities. I fully endorse it, even if I am an early-age for such a tall comment. Thanks a lot to the Turing Gateway to Mathematics and partners for the award of a tablet, and providing me an impetus to love Mathematics even more"