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Mathematics in the Real World

The importance of mathematics cannot be overstated. Human understanding of numbers, logic, structure, patterns, space and change underpins almost every aspect of our progress as a species. Without maths there would be no computers, no buildings, no trade. In the words of Galileo, the universe “is written in mathematical language”.

These are just some of the reasons why Mathematics in the Real World will be attending New Scientist Live. We are a group of societies, networks and research institutes that help nurture and promote maths, from the classroom to the lecture hall to the marketplace, throughout the UK. We’re passionate about mathematics, and want to help spread that enthusiasm to the greatest audience possible.

Whether it’s through demonstrating the fun of 3D cube puzzles, explaining the algorithms that underlie the 21st century stock markets, discussing whether a random number generator can ever be “true” or helping identify ways in which pure mathematics can be best married up with industry, our teams will be present and eager to help throughout the show.

One of the UK’s core strengths is its consistent and historically robust output in the mathematical sciences – a resource that can be utilised to underpin the future growth of the country. Maths makes things work. Maths solves problems. We are here to make this expertise easier for the world to harness, and to make its application as effective as possible wherever it’s used.

Mathematics in the Real World comprises: the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences [INI], the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences [ICMS], the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications [IMA], the Knowledge Transfer Network [KTN], the Operational Research Society [OR Society], and the Turing Gateway to Mathematics [TGM].


28 Sept - 1 Oct 2017

Show of the year 2016, New Scientist Live is the world’s most exciting  festival of ideas and takes place at ExCeL London. Rooted in the biggest, best and most provocative science, New Scientist Live will touch on all areas of human life. The show will feature five immersive zones covering Humans, Engineering, Technology, Earth and Cosmos, plus a main stage and VIP area. To see what's on click here

New Scientist is the world’s biggest science weekly, enjoyed by over 5m people each week. We publish across digital and print channels, including editions in the USA, and Australia. Since 2014, a series of live events have allowed enthusiasts to experience the people shaping scientific discovery face-to-face, and September 2017 sees the second edition of our flagship event, New Scientist Live.