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This two-day meeting aims to disseminate progress which has been made by the Uncertainty Quantification and Management Special Interest Group. The SIG was set up in 2015 and aimed to create value in UK industrial sectors by:

  • Creating collaborative groupings that identify real benefit in working together
  • Developing and refining of challenges and aspiration
  • Supporting a clutch of industry pulled projects that make significant advances against the above challenges within given industrial sectors
  • Promoting an increasingly statistics-savvy engineering design and assessment community
  • Joining up a holistic UK based UQ&M capability that can respond positively to end-user aspirations and requirements

This meeting at the Centre for Modelling and Simulation will:

    • Deliver a number of industrial talks on how and why UQ&M was applied to their industry, what has this application enabled in their business.
    • Provide an opportunity to hear from aspiring industries on problems they may have
    • Invite researchers to speak on state of the art research of relevance to the area.

For more information and to register, visit;