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The 2nd Soft Matter Showcase Conference will be held at Durham University in the UK from the 5th July to 6th July 2017, organised and hosted by the EPSRC SOFI CDT.
The Soft Matter Showcase 2017 will build on the initial successful one day meeting previously held at the University of Leeds in 2016.

The two day event will highlight the strength of ongoing soft matter research in UK Universities and its links with major international collaborators.
Confirmed Speakers:

  • Dr Olivier Cayre (University of Leeds) - Permanent encapsulation of small molecules: a solution relying on controlling nanoparticle adsorption to interfaces.
  • Professor Vinothan N. Manoharan (Harvard University) - Structural color: from bird feathers to materials.
  • Dr Mike Shaver (University of Edinburgh) - Exerting Control on Catalysts, Radicals and Rings: Adventures in Polymer Synthesis.
  • Professor Helen Gleeson (University of Leeds) - Looking through a liquid crystal ball - novel materials and new prospects.
  • Dr Rudy Koopmans (Plastics Innovation Competence Centre, Fribourg) - How to manage fluid flow instabilities. Or can we?
  • Professor Arash Mostofi (Imperial College, London) - Multiscale modelling of the formation and structure of polyamide membranes for water desalination.
  • Dr Evelien Beuling (Mondelez) - Food: Why the micro-scale matters.
  • Professor Richard Jones (University of Sheffield) - t.b.c.
  • Dr Margarita Staykova (Durham University) - Lipid membranes under stretch: Biological insights and applications.
  • Professor Ludwik Leibler (ESPCI)
  • Dr Ritu Kataky (Durham University)

For more information and how to register please click on the following link: