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The Alan Turing Institute is hosting the next Turing Lecture The Role of Multi-agent Learning in Artificial Intelligence Research at DeepMind which is organised with Thore Graepel. This will take place on 24th February at 13.30 in London.

In computer science, an agent can be thought of as a computational entity that repeatedly perceives the environment, and takes action so as to optimise long term reward.
We consider intelligence to be the ability of an agent to achieve goals in a wide range of environments (Legg & Hutter). Thinking in evolutionary/ecological terms, the richest environments for a given agent are themselves evolving collections of agents. These could be biological organisms, or companies within a given market.
In this lecture, Thore will discuss the important role multi-agent learning has to play in artificial intelligence research and the challenges it presents.

Registration for the event is essential, so please vist the webpage to book a space.