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Turing Gateway to Mathematics


NC3Rs/POEMS Network Maths Study Group: Mathematical Approaches to 3Rs Problems in Medicine and Healthcare
8-12 September 2014 – Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge

Laboratory mouse


The National Centre for the Replacement Refinement and Reduction of animals in Research (NC3Rs), working with EPSRC’s Predictive mOdelling for hEalthcare through MathS (POEMS) network and in partnership with the Turing Gateway to Mathematics, are organising a Study Group to connect mathematicians and biomedical scientists.

Aims and Objectives

Mathematical modelling has the potential to solve biological questions, provide new insights which benefit science, medicine and healthcare and reduce reliance on animal models. The aim of the Study Group is to tackle research problems which, if addressed, could help to replace, reduce or refine the use of animals in research (the 3Rs). The Maths Study Group will provide a unique opportunity for mathematicians and biologists to work together. It will encourage collaborative work towards applying mathematics to gain new insights and partnerships which could transform science.

This event continues the Maths in Medicine Study Group (MMSG) series and builds on the 2013 NC3Rs Maths Study Group. The structure of the week will involve problems being presented to participants on the first day, with the rest of the Study Group week spent brainstorming ideas and beginning to develop novel mathematical, statistical, or computational models for each of the problems.

Venue and Accommodation

The workshop will take place at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge. Please see the Isaac Newton Institute A-Z for further information about the venue.

Nearby en-suite accommodation has been pre-reserved for participants. Individuals will be sent accommodation details and further information upon registering.

How to Participate

To participate in the study group, you will need to submit a proposal by 16:00 on 21 March 2014. More information on the Study Group and how to submit a proposal can be found on the event's webpage on the NC3Rs website at

Further Information

If you have any queries about this event, please contact Anthony Holmes at