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Turing Gateway to Mathematics

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TGM Update 2014

SYR network

The TGM has had a busy 18 months since it was launched in March 2013. Our October 2014 update provides details of recent activity and information on upcoming events.

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Upcoming Event Laboratory mouse

Understanding Microbial Communities - Developing the Potential, 4th December 2014

The importance of microbial communities for health, industry and the natural environment cannot be overstated. Despite this, there is an enormous gap between the levels of our empirical knowledge of microbial communities' composition and experimental and theoretical understanding of their function, structure, and dynamics.

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Upcoming Event Post-Quantum Research

Maths and Public Policy, Wednesday 10th December 2014, Kohn Centre, The Royal Society, London

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is working to raise the profile of the mathematical sciences and its importance to the public policy area.

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Upcoming Event Big Data

Coping with Big Data - an Analytics and Computational Perspective, Wednesday 7th January 2015 - University College London

As the amount of data collected and generated continues to skyrocket, so do the challenges for effective analysis across a growing range of application areas.

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Upcoming Event Cryptography

3rd European Optimisation in Space Engineering (OSE) Workshop, 24th - 26th March 2015

The third workshop on Optimisation in Space Engineering (OSE) is an event jointly organised by the Turing Gateway to Mathematics (TGM), the University of Southampton, University of Birmingham, the European Space Agency (ESA), Airbus Defence and Space, University of Strathclyde and University of Bremen.

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Latest Videos

Why We Shouldn't Try to Predict Financial Risk

12 March 2014

Chris Rogers (University of Cambridge, Statistical Laboratory)

Banking and Risk

12 March 2014

Dionisis Gonos (Barclays)

Overlapping Intervals for Predicting Insurance Risk

12 March 2014

Andrew Smith (Deloitte)

Compressed Sensing: How to Get More for Less

29 January 2014

Anders Hansen (University of Cambridge)

Go With the Flow: Fluid Dynamics in Industry and the Environment

29 January 2014

Colm Caulfield (University of Cambridge)

Big Data Analysis

29 January 2014

Rajen Shah (University of Cambridge)

How Should We Calibrate?

29 January 2014

Chris Rogers (University of Cambridge)

University of Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences Overview

29 January 2014

Peter Haynes (University of Cambridge)

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