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Upcoming Event Cryptography

Techniques for Data Linkage and Anonymisation, 23rd October 2014

Increasing numbers of large databases describing people, their characteristics, and their behaviour are being looked to for analysis by both Government and commercial organisations.

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Past Event Post-Quantum Research

Post-Quantum Research - Addressing Future Challenges and Directions - 18-19 September

This two day event aims to take forward ideas generated in a first workshop in May 2014.

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Past Event Laboratory mouse

NC3Rs/POEMS Network Maths Study Group: Mathematical Approaches to 3Rs Problems in Medicine and Healthcare, 8-12 September 2014

A Study Group to connect mathematicians and biomedical scientists to tackle research problems which, if addressed, could help to replace, reduce or refine the use of animals in research.

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Past Event Quantum System

Quantum Control Engineering: Mathematical Solutions for Industry - 7 August 2014

We are currently entering a new technological era in which we are able to build systems whose performance is limited by quantum physical effects and in which it may be possible to exploit non-classical phenomena in novel ways.

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Latest Videos

Why We Shouldn't Try to Predict Financial Risk

12 March 2014

Chris Rogers (University of Cambridge, Statistical Laboratory)

Banking and Risk

12 March 2014

Dionisis Gonos (Barclays)

Overlapping Intervals for Predicting Insurance Risk

12 March 2014

Andrew Smith (Deloitte)

Compressed Sensing: How to Get More for Less

29 January 2014

Anders Hansen (University of Cambridge)

Go With the Flow: Fluid Dynamics in Industry and the Environment

29 January 2014

Colm Caulfield (University of Cambridge)

Big Data Analysis

29 January 2014

Rajen Shah (University of Cambridge)

How Should We Calibrate?

29 January 2014

Chris Rogers (University of Cambridge)

University of Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences – Overview

29 January 2014

Peter Haynes (University of Cambridge)

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