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 Anyone can approach the TGM for advice and support: through its relationship with the Isaac Newton Institute, TGM seeks to support and collaborate across the whole of the UK mathematics community, from academic researchers to industry representatives and government officials. If you would like to get involved with TGM, please contact the Knowledge Transfer Manager in the first instance.

Types of Activity

The TGM can provide a vehicle for delivery of specific initiatives around identified themes and issues. Delivery mechanisms for agreed activities can take many forms, such as workshops, consultations, training or research programmes, or a very specific project. Whatever the need, the TGM will endeavour to create a space for researchers and users of mathematics to work together.

Register of Mathematical Expertise

The TGM aims to facilitate communication between mathematicians and others who recognise that they have a need for a mathematical perspective. It aims to be flexible and may help match mathematicians with the needs of potential end users. To this end it will investigate the possibility of creating a Register of Mathematical Expertise in which mathematicians from across the UK who are interested in working with other disciplines or application domains can register their areas of interest and expertise. Eventually the TGM hopes to be able to use this information to match academics to specific industry projects where applicable.

Early-career Researchers

As part of its activities working with industry and other disciplines, the TGM is concerned with mathematical training, particularly as it relates to the need to improve standards across different scientific and industrial communities. The social and environmental sciences have already identified areas needing improvement including risk modelling, statistical analysis, and methodological skills and techniques.


TGM activities require independent funding, such as through other public/government sources, industrial sponsorship and participant registration fees.

The Corporate Partnership Scheme aims to build relationships with organisations who seek deeper engagement with the mathematical sciences. By supporting the TGM through Corporate Partnership, an organisation will gain privileged access to international experts from mathematics and across the multiple disciplines it underpins. This is an effective way to increase an organisation's visibility to talented up-coming researchers and to various communities such as Government, business, industry and technology. There are Three Levels of Corporate Partnership to suit your needs, with opportunities for networking, knowledge transfer and collaboration.

If you would like to contribute to the success of TGM please email