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Wednesday 14th March 2018 to Thursday 15th March 2018

Isaac Newton Institute

United Kingdom


Next generation (Quantum) computers promise to speed up some mathematical processes by orders of magnitude, but new algorithms and software will need to be developed to exploit this power. Although general-purpose quantum computers are some years away, work should start on the software now. As quantum machines operate in a completely different way to conventional computers, code development requires entirely new thinking. 

In 2015 the UK government launched the 5-year UK National Quantum Technology Programme, now worth ~£400m, the largest public investment ever made in a disruptive technology. The aim is to exploit the UK’s world-class quantum science to create a profitable and sustainable business in the UK. Part of this is funding UK development of quantum processors, but their unique characteristics will need new ways of thinking to create the code necessary for practical application to industrial problems. It has been suggested that quantum computer software will create more wealth than the hardware, important though that is.


This workshop is a collaboration between the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and the Turing Gateway to Mathematics. It aims to initiate development of quantum computer algorithms and software by bringing together real-world problem owners (for example in drug discovery or meteorology), mathematicians, algorithm experts, and academic quantum computer hardware experts to explain what code developers need to know to create software, without getting bogged down in the underlying physics. We aim to do this in sufficient detail to spark immediate cooperation and collaboration.

Participants will include academic researchers and individuals from business and industry. Various classes of problems will be discussed and a number of relevant sectors will be represented - including medicine discovery, logistics, earth observation and finance.

We will also update delegates on the anticipated capabilities of classical machines 5 or 10 years from now, when practical quantum processing may be available. 

A Provisional Programme will be available soon.

Registration and Venue

This event is by invitation only. However, anyone who is interested in attending should email Jane Leeks for further information.

The workshop will take place at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge. Please see the Isaac Newton Institute website for further information about the venue.

Additional information can be found on the KTN website.

Accommodation and Dinner

Nearby en-suite B&B accommodation has been reserved at the Arundel House Hotel for the night of Wednesday 14th March (select number of rooms also available on Tuesday 13th March at a rate of £81.00 BB). Please indicate your accommodation requirements on the registration form when prompted.

A college dinner for registered participants will take place on Wednesday 14th March. If you would like to attend the dinner, please indicate this on the registration form.


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