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Monday 21st September 2015 to Thursday 24th September 2015


In partnership with the EPSRC Living with Environmental Change - Maths Foresees Network and the NERC Probability, Uncertainty and Risk in the Environment (PURE) Network, the TGM hosted a Maths Study Group.

Maths Foresees is a newly established network that will forge strong ties between researchers in the applied mathematics community with researchers in selected strategic areas of the environmental science community and governmental agencies. This relates to the identified challenge of mitigating severe environmental events. To meet this challenge, it is crucial that mathematicians with the relevant expertise interact closely with environmental scientists and with end-users of environmental research.

The PURE Network was established in 2011 and is a leading national network bringing together researchers, industrialists and policy-makers in uncertainty and risk for natural hazards area, through collaborative working, knowledge exchange and the development of best practice. It helps to shape the direction of future research and provide valuable information to practitioners in environmental risk management.

Aims and Objectives

The mitigation of severe environmental events and natural hazards is of huge importance. Mathematical modelling and analysis has the potential to help address challenges identified in this area. The main aim therefore of this study group was to forge collaborations between the mathematical sciences and environmental change communities. It provided a forum to rethink the approach to extreme events analysis in the severe weather events proposed (quantify uncertainty). A key aspect was the facilitation of active exchanges of knowledge between the academic mathematical and environmental science communities and environmental stakeholders.

This event followed the same format of standard mathematical study groups with industry - with a core workshop, proceedings and public statements. It opened with the presentation of industrial challenges and this was followed by the study group sessions.

This was the first Annual Maths Study Group of the Maths Foresees Network. It is envisaged that participants at this event will encounter each other at further planned annual events, thus establishing stronger ties and lasting collaborations.


The challenges that were tackled at the study group were formulated in collaboration with the following stakeholders: Fugro GEOS, JBA Trust, the Met Office and the Environment Agency.

Full details about the challenges and the proposed solutions can be seen on the Industrial Challenges page.

Venue and Accommodation

The workshop took place at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge. Please see the Isaac Newton Institute A-Z for further information about the venue. Overnight accommodation was reserved at Murray Edwards College and reasonable expenses for travel incurred in the UK was be covered. There were opportunities for networking and investigating of potential collaborations and the event included a drinks reception, college dinner and all meals.

The event started at 9am on Monday 21st September and closed with lunch on Thursday 24th September 2015.


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