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Turing Gateway to Mathematics


1st UK Workshop on Optimisation in Space Engineering (OSE), 5-6 November 2013 - University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Campus


Tuesday 5 November 2013

Time 09:15-09:45 Registration and Coffee
Time 09:45-10:00 Speaker Fliege, J
(University of Southampton)
Title Welcome and Introduction
Time 10:00-10:15 Speaker Leeks, J
(Turing Gateway to Mathematics, University of Cambridge)
Title Turing Gateway to Mathematics
Time 10:15-10:45 Speaker Ortega, G
(European Space Agency)
Title Problems in Space Engineering – Challenges for Industry and Academia
Time 10:45-11:15 Speaker Veck, N
(Satellite Applications Catapult)
Title Satellite Applications Catapult
Time 11:15-11:30 Coffee break
Time 11:30-12:00 Speaker Kimble, S
(Astrium UK)
Title Optimisation in Interplanetary Flight and Non-Earth Orbits – rendezvous with asteroids and comets; liberation point space transfers and orbits; resonant orbits; near-Earth objects
Time 12:00-12:30 Speaker Maciejowski, J
(University of Cambridge)
Title Advanced control systems in aeronautics
Time 12:30-13:00 Speaker Saunders, A
(Vorticity Ltd)
Title Accurate orbit determination and long term orbital analysis
Time 13:00-14:00 Lunch
Time 14:00-14:30 Speaker Salt, D
(Telespazio VEGA UK)
Title Suborbital reusable launchers: a new tool to optimise design and accelerate technology readiness
Time 14:30-15:00 Speaker Hazell, A
(Serco UK)
Title Re-Entry and Aero-Assisted Manoeuvres optimisation - computation of planetary re-entry trajectories; optimal guidance; skipped and bounced trajectories
Time 15:00-15:30 Speaker Gondzio, J
(University of Edinburgh )
Title Large-scale structured nonlinear programs
Time 15:30-16:00 Coffee break
Time 16:00-16:30 Speaker Fletcher, R
(University of Dundee)
Title Recent thoughts on Nonlinear Programming
Time 16:30-17:00 Speaker Parkes, S
(Space Technology Centre of Dundee)
Title Vision-based navigation and planetary landing
Time 17:00-17:30 Speaker Kocvara, M
(University of Birmingham)
Title Structural Optimisation
Time 17:30-18:00 Speaker Fliege, J
(University of Southampton)
Title Local optimisation solvers in Europe - the successful case of WORHP (an example of ESA activity with academia and industry working together resulting in a commercial product)
Time 18:00-18:30 Speaker Fliege, J
(University of Southampton)
Title Wrap-up and Close of Day 1
Time 19:30 Gala dinner

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Wednesday 6 November 2013

Time 09:00-09:30 Speaker Fliege, J
(University of Southampton)
Title Welcome and Coffee
Time 09:30-10:00 Speaker Palmer, P
(University of Surrey)
Title Autonomous Spacecraft Scheduling and Mathematical Modelling of Ant Colony Optimisation
Time 10:00-10:30 Speaker Vasile, M
(University of Strathclyde)
Title Optimal space systems design under uncertainty
Time 10:30-11:00 Speaker Zhigljavsky, A
(University of Cardiff)
Title Stochastic global optimisation: past, present and future
Time 11:00-11:30 Coffee break
Time 11:30-12:00 Speaker Xu, H
(City University London)
Title Optimisation under uncertainty
Time 12:00-12:30 Speaker Ortega, G
(European Space Agency)
Title Global optimisation working group creation announcement
Time 12:30-13:30 Speaker All
Title Round table with conclusions and recommendations
Time 13:30-14:30 Lunch and Close

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